Tsing Yi Campus


Creative Kindergarten and Day Nursery (Tsing Yi) campus is located on the Tsing Yi Nature Trail. The school is surrounded by verdant trees in a peaceful environment. The campus occupies an area of 14,200 square feet, providing plenty hands-on exploration and manipulation opportunities, allowing young children to learn from their first-hand experience. The outdoor playgrounds promote free play, allowing children to develop their self-esteem and build confidence.


School Features

Connect with the Community Broaden Horizons
Free Play Enhances Creative Thinking
Moral Education
Home-School Partnership
Connect with the Community Broaden Horizons
Free Play Enhances Creative Thinking
Home-School Partnership
Moral Education

Connect with the Community Broaden Horizons

We make good use of community resources. They provide real-life teaching materials so that students can enjoy first-hand information and experience. Children participate in activities and talks held by different organizations and visit community facilities such as fire station and museums. Children are free to explore and eager to learn new materials. They broaden their horizons and become active members of the community.


Free Play Enhances Creative Thinking

Play is at the core of the development of the child. Free play encourages cognitive development and a child’s ability to solve problems. Children learn and explore through play. They also learn the ‘wisdom of everyday living’. Free play promotes independence, builds confidence and inspires creative thinking. Free play foster language and communication skills, problem-solving skills and cooperation skills as well.

Moral Education

As the saying goes: "Moral development is an important starting point for personality cultivation." Our school organizes diverse and meaningful moral activities, such as Thanksgiving Day, Flag Days, and Good Helper Programme. Through these experiences, children learn to be grateful and caring, building the foundation of positive attitudes and moral values in their lives.


Home-School Partnership

Schools and families are partners for nurturing children. Through home-school cooperation, children learn and grow in a happy environment. We work closely with parents through regular communications, workshops, seminars, PTA activities and parents-volunteer programmes. Together, we strive to provide the best pre-school experience for our children.

Year of Establishment:

1999 (Kindergarten) | 2003 (Day Nursery)


Ages 2 to 3 Ages 3 to 4 Ages 4 to 5 Ages 5 to 6
Pre-Nursery (N1)
Nursery (K1) |
Whole-day Nursery (K1)
Lower Kindergarten (K2) |
Whole-day Lower Kindergarten (K2)
Upper Kindergarten (K3) |
Whole-day Upper Kindergarten (K3)

Class Hours:

AM Classes PM Classes Whole-day Classes
Monday to Friday 9:00am to 12:00noon
Monday to Friday 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Monday to Friday 9:00am to 4:30pm

Fees (2023-2024 Academic Year):

Grades Kindergarten Day Nursery
1. FREE for children holding “2023/24 Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission“ under the Kindergarten Education Scheme
2. Other applicants please contact our school for details
Half-day (N1)
HK$34,800 each year, payable in 10 installments, HK$3,480 per month

For children holding “2023/24 Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission“ under the Kindergarten Education Scheme:
Total fees for whole-day classes including tuition, meals (including snacks, lunch and afternoon tea) are HK$13,470 each year, payable in 10 installments, HK$1,347 per month.


Contact Us:

Address: Podium, Block 5, Mount Haven, 3 Liu To Road, Tsing Yi, New Territories
Tel: 2942 8818
Fax: 2942 8777
Email: ty@creative.edu.hk


Principal Law

Head Teacher Ms Wong

Head Teacher Mr Wong


The Tsing Yi campus covers an area of 14,200 square feet, with 9 classrooms, 2 multifunctional activity rooms, an auditorium, an indoor play area and a spacious outdoor playground. The school is equipped with a variety of learning resources and play equipment for children to explore and learn effectively.

Reading Garden

Reading is the foundation for learning. The ‘Reading Garden’ has a comfortable reading zone, allowing children to choose books of their choice, building their language and communication skills. Reading helps to enhance children’s ability to focus, build social skills and problem-solving skills as well.

Art Gallery

Children get to know artworks from famous artists through games and role play in the art gallery with skills that they acquire in different activities, using their imagination, children create freely at the art gallery. Some like to take their works of art home, while others choose to display their works at the exhibition area and share with their peers. Children enjoy sharing and appreciating these master pieces at the art gallery.

Construction Zone

In the construction area, children are offered a variety of materials and tools to sort, arrange and construct using their ideas and imagination. Through the process of planning, guessing, experimenting, manipulating, reviewing and re-testing. Children has the opportunity to invent, discover new possibilities and work closely with their peers.

Outdoor Playground

Outdoor play is good for children’s physical health, development and self-confidence. Children enjoy their free play time in our spacious playground, using different tools, materials and toys to create their own games while having fun.

Creative’s Farm

There is a small farm on campus where children grow different plants and vegetables. Taking care of the plants and vegetables, from sowing, watering to harvesting, children understand their life cycle and experience the mysteries of nature.

Primary School Placement

Primary School Offers Placement Results from Creative Kindergarten (Tsing Yi)

Primary Schools (in no particular order)
SKH Tsing Yi Chu Yan Primary School
SKH Ho Chak Wan Primary School
SKH Tsing Yi Estate Ho Chak Wan Primary School
Tsuen Wan Trade Association Primary School
TWGHs Chow Yin Sum Primary School
CNEC Lui Ming Choi Primary School
PLK Castar Primary School
Chan's Creative School
PLK Castar Primary School
Holy Family Canossian School (Kowloon Tong)

If you would like to know the Primary School placement in detail, please contact our campus directly.